2005____Curator of the jewellery section of the show Nel punto immobile del mondo che ruota, (In the still place of the rotating world)  Premiere of a show in progress, inspired by the work of T.S. Eliot and Heiner Miller. Medieval castle of Siracusa, directed by Peter Bottazzi, starring Helga Davis, for the Ortigia Festival di Siracusa in collaboration with the Murano glass artists Marina and Susanna Sent (Venice).


2007____Curator of the artistic selection of Art Films for Citric Gallery (Brescia) of Lavinia Muscat, as part of the project Cinema between Art and Video Art.


2010____Tribute to Dina Araldi Protti, Cinema Ariston, Mantova.
Introductory speech to the showing of the film Valentino The Last Emperor, by Matt Tyrnauer. As an invite of the Soroptimist Club of Mantova and guest of Paolo and Daniele Protti, heirs to the same film production house and cinema tradesmen, to whom Dina Protti and husband Alberto left the business.
A tribute to the founder of the Soroptomist Club of Mantova took place in one of the movie theatres of the Protti family, along with a conversation on cinema techniques and high fashion.


2011-2013____Curator of exhibitions and conventions on Contemporary Jewellery in collaboration with Ellen Maurer Zilioli and the Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts (Brescia-Munich). *In regards to this, see the section of the studies for the Italian National Trust.


May 2012____Curator of the exhibition on contemporary jewellery Emotional Prosthetics. Mantova Creativa 2012 Palazzo del Circolo Cittadino Mantova and Spazio Bernardelli.
12 selected international designers of Contemporary Jewellery for 44 pieces on display.

David Bielander, Bruno Martinazzi, Giampaolo Babetto, Alexander Blank, Mary Ishikawa, Peter Skubic, Norman Weber, Alexander Blank, Alba Polenghi Lisca, Martin + Ulla Kaufmann, Benjamin Lignel, Barbara Uderzo.

Curator of the video project Emotional Prosthetics, created by the group of video operators Secret Wood, starring the jewellery by David Bielander and Norman Weber.




February 2013____Curator of the exhibition Mi piego ma non mi spezzo, Mantova, Spazio Bernardelli, for the Italian National Trust.
Juxtaposition of two authors Issey Miyake, fashion and Martin + Ulla Kaufmann, jewellery, in collaboration with Ellen Maurer Zilioli of the Maurer Zilioli Contemporary Arts (Brescia, Munich).


February 2015____Curator of the Exhibition on Gianfranco Ferrè:

Ferrè: (Dress as accent emerging from the body) – Abito come accento che esce dal corpo
27 original dresses between haute couture and prêt-à-porter, 30 pieces of jewellery and 30 drafts from the archive Fondazione Gianfranco Ferrè, unreleased photographic and video projects, on display in Spazio Bernardelli, Mantova, for the Italian National Trust and in collaboration with Fondazione Gianfranco Ferrè.

Curator of the Photographic project Ombr-E’ (Shades)
10 unreleased photographs on the work of Gianfranco Ferrè by the photographer Kevin Rushid Giaquinto.


IMG AI 1995 PF


Curator of the video project (Meteo Body GFF) Meteo Corpo GFF..
Unreleased video on the material decomposition and recomposition of 5 Gianfranco Ferrè’s creations between haute couture and prêt-à-porter created by the group of video operators Secret Wood.



2015____Editorial Project PRE-TEXT
Music Production House TIme Records of Giacomo Maiolini.
Creation of the book/essay Pre-Text: graphic-literary experiment on global Aesthetics (Art, Design, Fashion, Music, Literature…) juxtaposed to Giacomo Maiolini President and Founder of TIME RECORDS.


copertina PRE TESTO


2017-2018____Curator of communication and web site of MASAM srl – Independent Bottlers since 1968.


2018-2019____Curator of the History of Fashion and Costume Course as Teacher at ITS MACHINA LONATI (Higher Technical Institute Foundation for new technologies for Made in Italy, Machina Lonati), Brescia.


2019____Artistic and cultural curator of MISA TANGO event for the 70 years of Calzificio DèPio.
Chiesa di San Cristo, Brescia.









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